Focused On Experience

Nirvana is designed and operated to create powerful cannabis experiences. We care about every detail of our products from purchase to consumption. We do everything from growing to product packaging to ensure your brand stays competitive. We proudly provide the highest level of cannabis products, customer service, and excitingly low price points to make our partnership easy.

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Our Story Through Time

Over a decade ago, we opened our first Nirvana Smoke Shop in Texas. We designed it to ensure our customers would get the best shopping experience. Since then we have grown into one of the largest and most successful wholesale smoke accessories companies and cannabis distribution companies. Nirvana has now expanded into Oklahoma and New Mexico. 

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Our First Smoke Shop
Over a decade ago we launched our first smoke shop in Oklahoma.
July 2018
Cannabis Legalization
In 2018, cannabis was legalized in Oklahoma, allowing us to bring brands people love to the community.
November 2018
Licensed and Grand Opening
Within four months, we were a licensed company and by January 2019, opened our first dispensary – Nirvana – in Tulsa, OK.
Established and operational; we are actively transforming the cannabis industry.

Nirvana Today

We’ve grown since our humble beginnings. Today, we’re a vertically integrated company that has expanded to multiple states. We’ve developed brands, dispensaries, and distribution that can be found in the states below.

MFG & Distro Centers
Smoke Shops
Operational States

New Mexico


New Jersey

Nirvana Tomorrow

We’re always looking for new markets to enter and new manufacturing opportunities to explore. Wherever you find Nirvana, you’ll find us making operations easier for business owners, and building brands people love.

Our Brands

Cannabis brands built for accessibility and sustainability.